Press & Praise (you like us, you really like us!)

A smattering of lovely WORDs about our store, accumulated from various articles and our Yelp page. We are grateful for each and every person who loves WORD, and we're even happier that you all share your love with the world! We solemnly swear that we open the store every day pledging to live up to all this praise. (We also solemnly swear that we are up to no good, but that is a different matter entirely.)

The New York Times calls WORD "a cheerful shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that not only stocks books but also strives to create a community of people who love them." Read the full article here!

And author Emily Gould says, “What’s your favorite indie bookstore? WORD in Greenpoint and now in Jersey City. I also love McNally Jackson a lot, it’s almost a tie. But WORD will always be special to me because they are such an important part of their community. I lived in Greenpoint when they opened, and I would attribute so much of that neighborhood’s new vibrancy and desirability to that bookstore; seriously, every bustling new bar or restaurant with antlers on its wall should have to tithe to WORD, because they wouldn’t exist without that store.”

There's the simple: “I am grateful you exist. Thank you.”

“the answer to my prayers…two enthusiastic thumbs up!” 

“Hello bookstore of my dreams, I’ve been waiting for you all my life.”

“Excellent store. I can always tell a good shop by how strongly I want to move in. I’m quiet. I eat mostly raw vegan food, so I don’t need a stove…WORD, can I move in? Lovely light. Lovely people working there. Great selection.” 

And there's the detailed: “I was doing a lot of traveling recently and in every book store in every town I went into, I looked for a book (”Students for a Democratic Society” by Harvey Pekar and Paul Buhle). I looked in small bookstores!I looked in chains! I looked in Seattle, in Portland, New Jersey…And of course when I got home, I went to WORD to special order it and they had it in stock. Yay WORD.”

“I love to shop local. I love the independent bookstore. I love WORD. I did about 90% of my Christmas shopping here this past holiday season – from my sister and her foodie boyfriend to my hippie, teacher mom to my wordy dad, I found somethingfor each and every one of them. They also have a great and changing selection of letter-press cards and stationary and a really nice (small, like the rest of the store), well-edited children’s section. A girlfriend of mine attends book club here and seems to really like it. I haven’t gotten around to it – but love that it has the offering, and the books always seem really interesting.”

"I met WORD today. I say met, because this place is alive. The store was quiet, but the shelves were whispering very loudly--calling out "You know you want to take me home" in bright clean bindings. This bookstore made me excited about books for the first time in maybe four years. I bought a book. I special ordered books. And when I asked for help, the service was incredibly helpful and courteous. She didn't even gloat when I asked about a book, that I couldn't find, and she pulled it from it's hiding place in one swift, hot second. Needless to say, I will be returning eagerly and often."

"Word's author events are some of the most creative and well orchestrated in the city.  Whether it's a look at Jonathan Lethem's newest novel or a rousing game of Bananagrams, the events at this fantastic independent bookstore give ample opportunities to talk with authors and fellow readers alike.  And who knows?  You might even meet someone special on their adorable personals bulletin board. "

There's the proslytizing (God love ya!): “Thank the sweet Lord in Heaven above for independent bookstores. You MUST support them. And if you live in/visit Greenpoint you must support this one. Its stock is small (as is the store) but diverse and geared to the discerning book lover. Great new fiction mixed withclassics mixed with fascinating nonfiction. And I’m sure they could order anything for you. The also have a fantastic children’s section complete with a perfect little reading area. You’ll also find super cool, hip little stationery and journals and chapbooks near the register. PLEASE. I BESEECH YOU: When shopping for books, shop independent. Shop WORD.”

“Barnes and Noble it is not. Barnes is a behomoth mash of confusion while WORD has the book you were really looking for all that time, simply displayed…next to the other book you heard about and were meaning to read. The store is so cute and charming you’ll want to poke around for an hour. The owner is a cheerful, knowledgeable sage who has directed me to about five books that are now on my list of favorites. There is also a section for kids littered with toys and puzzles. Thisplace is a little gem!” 

“Man, we finally get an English-language bookstore in Greenpoint; thank God it rocks…WORD does, in fact, have every book you’re planning on reading, and almost nothing else. I have no idea how this works, but it’s the truth.”

"Support your local small businesses! That being said, nice helpful staff great selection, and no nasty looks for too long perusals. I'm a food whore and former fatty and they never say a thing about the drool I leave all over their books. Did I mention I love it? It's a gem in a neighborhood that has a lot of new not so gem like businesses pushing in. Also? I don't feel like a hipster poser douche shopping in there. Again, ACES in my book (HA!) for that."

And the folks who love our ordering system as much as we do: “i love word. love them. not only is the store lovely and charming and filled with wonders, but if there’s something they don’t have, the sweet staff will offer to order it for you *and* they’ll email you when it arrives. i know…a simple concept to be sure, but seems rare these days. hooray for word!”

“The shop is small, but the woman who runs it is extremely nice, and the selection is especially smart and well-focused. They don’t have everything, but they have thebest of what you might want. And given their twice-a-week special orders, you can get in-print books within a day or two. That’s swell. The children’s section is awesome.”

Finally, our favorite praise; the one that gets down to brass tacks:  “This is that quaint-looking book store in Greenpoint where hot hipster moms take their kids.”

We were beyond honored when Bookslut named us Indie Heartthrobs. (You can read the interview here).

Basically: “WORD, a new Brooklyn bookstore, seeks to bring the Three Lives/BookCourt model of the cosy neighborhood bookstore to the off-the-beaten-path precincts of Greenpoint. In this case, WORD combines top-shelf contemporary literature with a great selection of kids’ books. Frequent events and a terrific staff help cement the connection between store and neighborhood. With one of the more impressive internet efforts among NYC independents, WORD is doing online community-building, as well.” (Thanks, The Millions!)

Links to even more press coverage, about events we hold both in the store and at area venues:

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from The Examiner: WORD - Building a community inside and out for Greenpointers

And sweet love from authors and customers we love right back!

Frank Portman includes our YA Not? series in his top 5 things of 2009!

The Rejectionist makes us blush and Kenan's words and art leave us breathless.

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We like to share book picks too, not only in the store but on the great wide web:

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